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By admin / March 28, 2020

Backgammon Rules of Thumb-by Phil Simborg

Over the board we often have tough decisions to make. If we truly took the time to reason through all...

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By admin / March 27, 2020


His real name is Matvey Natanzon, but no one called him that. Even his mother called him Mike. Falafel was...

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By admin / March 27, 2020

With Backgammon Players-Part 2-Mochy

Masayuki Mochizuki, or "Mochy" as we know him, won the 2009 World Championship in Monte Carlo, defeating Lars Trabolt 25-20...

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By admin / March 25, 2020

Backgammon Taught Me Everything, With Akiko Yazawa

Akiko Yazawa won the backgammon world championships for the second time in 2018—the culmination of a long road to recovery...

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By admin / March 19, 2020

With Backgammon Players-Part 3-Victor Ashkenazi

Victor Ashkenazi is originally from Moscow. He moved to New York City when he was 25 where he lives today...

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By admin / March 15, 2020

The thinking on brain games

Many older adults enjoy "brain games" like backgammon, chess, and computer games. But can they help improve memory?   If...

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By admin / March 11, 2020


Unfortunately, the Covid-19 better known as Coronavirus has also arrived in Northern Cyprus. To protect the health of our players,...

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By admin / March 10, 2020

what is Shesh Besh?

I was shocked to find that the Shesh Besh game is not described anywhere on the Web, or in the...

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By admin / February 29, 2020

With Backgammon Players-Part 1-Falafel

As I wandered through the playing hall at the World Championships at the Fairmont Hotel in Monaco I calculated that...

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By admin / February 26, 2020

Backgammon History

Backgammon History Origins Backgammon is one of the oldest games in existence, alongside Go and Chess. It is probably about...

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