About Katgammon

How Katgammon Emerged

The idea of katgammon is rooted in the days when we wished to play modern backgammon while it wouldn’t be possibility merely because doubling cubes were not accessible.

As an ardent fan of backgammon & graphic designer, the idea of making doubling cube primarily flashed across my mind which let to creating my first product, namely “fantasy handmade doubling cube”.

Subsequently, I came up with the idea for creating a case to protect the valuable precision dice.

The missing link was craft with a little touch of creativity which was fulfilled when I met P.G. That was when Katgammon brand was officially established in 2018.

Since then, we have been honored to manufacture solely handmade backgammon accessories. It’s such a pleasure to have received very many compliments and sales orders from all over the globe only within these few years of our commencement.

We have been trying valiantly to earn a reputation, which makes our products diverse, unique, well-design and superb.

Katgammon products are exported to Sweden, Germany, USA, UK, Denmark, France, Japan, Gibraltar, Italy, Norway, Romania, Bulgaria & Dubai.

With special thanks to Jesper Carlsoon & Mochy who supported us and has been working with our company during these years. Jeff Proctor with his marketing knowledge, Chiva K. Tafazzoli, Amir Eshraghi and Toni Bernaba.

Katgammon warmly welcomes serving huge backgammon society.


Katrin & P.G

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