How Backgammon Will Bring Peace to the Middle East – Watch The Video

How backgammon can change the world and even bring peace – starting in Jerusalem.

Zaki Djemal is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of, the first student-run venture capital fund in Israel. He is also Co-Founder of דאבל ירושלמי | دابل مقدسي | Jerusalem Double, Jerusalem’s first backgammon league and championship for Jews and Arabs. Past adventures of Zaki include: starting tradr, an e-commerce platform for independent fashion brands that is consistently among the most popular in the Brazilian App Store, and serving as a humanitarian aid worker in South Sudan, Japan, Haiti and Nepal. A prolific writer, Zaki has published work in Ha’aretz, Times of Israel, Galatz, Channel Two News, CNN and others. He’s on the board of Tevel BeZedek, a non-profit that promotes sustainability in the Global South, and the Israel Harvard Club. Zaki graduated with honors from Harvard University where he studied Behavioral Economics.

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