Katgammon Special Thanks To Customers

Did you feel too that the past few months have been rough and tough? We have the same feeling and wish when this year comes to an end, everyone around the globe would be happier and healthier, and that backgammon players gather again smiling and rolling dices happily.

Through the past year, all of you our friends, players and masters from different countries supported and encouraged Katgammon in many ways; either by ordering our new equipments for tournaments, or providing well-thought suggestions to improve the products or to create new ones, or by helping us improve the website content, and above all, encouraging our team through emails, chats, and with likes and comments in our pages in social media. It all helped us to get more productive and creative. We deeply appreciate the great support you did and to show our gratitude, we have thought of a surprise gift sent to you with every new order during the “Katgammon Summer Sale”.

Take care and keep rolling 🙂

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