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With Backgammon Players-Amir Eshraghi

I was born in Tehran in 1983. I enjoyed solving intelligence and mathematical puzzles in my free time. I discovered Backgammon when I was a Masters student of Mechanical Engineering in 2007 while I was actually a snooker player (it is a game based on skill and luck).

I found that Backgammon and Snooker have common features so I tended to play and learn backgammon. I searched for information about Backgammon in google and found some interesting articles.

Unfortunately Backgammon was illegal to play in Iran and there were no books, clubs, tournaments or strong players. After 3 months of online playing, I found GNU as a reference and a true teacher! I used GNU from 2007 until 2012.

After a while I got an account in GridGammon as “Amirsnooker”, and learned by watching top players. I Started using XG in 2012 (second coach)! My first achievement was fourth place of Online Nations Cup Team Championship in GridGammon 2011. In 2015 I started to participate in international tournaments. I won Istavder Anniversary in 2015 with about 350 players on the first go. I was also a finalist of the Istavder doubles tournament in February 2016 and the Shiraz Open Championship with 110 players in Iran May 2016.I hope I can participate in more serious international tournaments in the future. I believe Backgammon will bring peace to different nationalities, beliefs and religions.


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