1.Precision Dicebox  Model S-1

1.Precision Dicebox  Model S-1


Item information

Material: Plexiglass with magnetic lid

Dimension: width 4 cm, length 2.2 cm, height 2 cm

Color: Black

Suitable for precision dice size 14 mm

Weight: 15 gr


Precision Dice box

Protect your treasure!

Katgammon dice cases are designed with a durable sponge insert to securely hold and protect your valuable dice. Each box is black and has a sturdy magnetized lid to keep it closed during storage.  While most boxes are designed for 14mm size dice, some boxes also fit both 12mm and 14mm sizes.

A custom size, unique to your specifications, can be ordered by emailing us.

Additional information

Weight0.015 kg
Dimensions4 × 2 × 2.2 cm



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