Katgammon backgammon board

Katgammon backgammon board


After three years of providing & preparing diverse and yet unique accessories of Katgammon brand,our first exquisite backgammon board which has been painstakingly designed and prepared by the team is available for sale in the market place.

The delicate yet durable board featuring maple wooden frame and exterior surface made from oak wood which has been strengthen on the corners through box-joint.
Invisible magnets are built into the edge of the board allowing you to open and close it strongly and easily.

Two magnificent steel latches are applied in the interior part of the board in order to fold it up with ease. The interior surface is made of soft fiber on which the checkers can move smoothly.

One of the outstanding features of this board is the surface which is removable and fixed to the body by magnet. They come in diverse colors and designsof your choice. The cylindrical handmade dicecups, made of walnut with trip lip, whosesmooth interior surface prevents your dice from getting scratched.

Our entirely handmade walnut cube & dice box accompanies katgammon board to match it perfectly.

Walnut checkers filled with anti-scratch acrylic which create diversity in colors, smoothly slide on the board surface.

The oak wood scoreboard comes along to complete the wooden backgammon set.

The whole backgammon set is secured inside a genuine hand-sewn latter bag which is made of cowhide.

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